2021: ‘How accurate are the prices in the British colonial Blue Books?’, Economic History of Developing Regions. Accepted manuscript version here.

Working papers

(2021) Historical incomes on the cheap: a rough and ready shortcut to global GDP comparisons.

(2021) “The fruits of the boom: real wages and housing costs in colonial Dakar, Senegal (1914-1960)” AEHN Working Paper no 60.

(2021) with Isabella Weber, Gregor Semieniuk and Junshang Liang: “What you exported matters: persistence in productive capabilities across two eras of globalization”, Rebuilding Macroeconomics Working Paper Series, no. 41.

Some work in progress (please contact me if interested!)

‘The concept of economic security at the Genoa Conference’

‘The growth of the monetary economy in French West Africa, c.1901-1960’

‘Real incomes in the French African Empire, c.1900-1960’

‘Morocco’s little boom: agriculture and industrialisation in a colonial economy’

‘The rent was too damn high: housing costs and incomes in South Africa, c.1860-1900’

‘The profitability of urban slavery: a quantitative assessment from West Africa’

‘The tiger’s tail: real wages for unskilled labourers in Hong Kong, 1850-1980’

‘Food prices and the Little Divergence in the tropics’

‘Linkages from agriculture to industry in cash crop economies: evidence from African IO tables’

Edited volumes

(ed. with Shiro Armstrong) Asian Economic Integration in an Era of Global Uncertainty, ANU Press, Canberra. 2018.

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