• The contested real estate empire of a colonial Senegalese businessman
    While looking for information on Dakar’s mid-century housing crisis, I came across a little legal story that played out in the pages of the newspaper Paris-Dakar in 1948. This was the year of the death of Alassane N’Dir, a major landowner in Dakar and a prosperous businessman and philanthropist. By the time he died, N’Dir […]
  • Transport of crops to market — a little fact
    In the 1970 world census of agriculture, seven countries asked farmers how they transported their crops to the first point of sale (to a market, or a trader, etc.). All seven countries were reasonably poor (under US$1000 per capita GDP) but it is striking how common transporting crops to market by foot was in the […]
  • The Xi-Biden summit and the global economy
    I have a column in the Australian Financial Review on the US–China summit and the lack of leadership in the global economy.

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